Authentic Leadership in Action

Posted on Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

I want to let you know about the Authentic Leadership In Action 2016 Summer Leadership Intensive taking place in July at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Details are contained in the attached flyer 2016 LeadershipForGood-Flyer

Authentic Leadship In Action

I’m excited about this gathering because it’s the first Authentic Leadership In Action SLI to take place at Naropa (after many years in Halifax, NS and a couple in Tacoma, WA). Also because Sakyong Mipham (spiritual leader of Shambhala) is the lead keynote speaker. I don’t have a prominent role in design and hosting for the first time in several years – I will relish being a participant. You can register here. I hope to see (meet!) some of my readers in July.

Elsewhere on this blog are a number of posts that describe my experience at ALIA events, if you’d like to read more to get a sense of what a summer leadership intensive is like. In particular you might look at the five posts about the Five Steps to Wise Action from 2012. One of the teachers of that module in 2012, Michael Chender, will be teaching this year in Boulder. There are meditation talks and practice sessions, keynote talks, learning modules, creative process activities, and ample time for connecting and reflecting. I look forward to being with others in this community for a few days of deep connection and learning.

Now that ALIA is located within the Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa, a number of things are happening in addition to the annual leadership intensives (in North America and Europe). A new two day Foundations of Authentic leadership course is being offered as an introduction to the practice of Authentic Leadership. I was one of the instructors for the first iteration in April in Seattle. Communities of Practice are emerging in multiple locations, including several in Europe. These Communities of Practice will meet locally or virtually and provide support to members and ongoing learning opportunities. It’s been exciting to be part of this blossoming of new programs. The ALC continues to offer the very popular Authentic Leadership Program 1.0, the 2016 Summer version of which begins next week.

I’m happy to have a conversation any time about ALIA. Send me a note, give me a call. By the way, the 2017 SLI will be in Tacoma, at Pacific Lutheran University.