Leadership Lessons

Posted on Thursday, December 31st, 2015

My good friend Bob Dickman is writing and producing a series of short videos to deliver leadership lessons. In each video, he uses a classic film to demonstrate or illustrate a particular lesson applicable to leadership. I want to share these with my readers for two reasons. First, I think the leadership lessons are helpful and meaningful to a broad range of people. Second, I really admire Bob for his creativity and innovative thinking. He inspires me. I hope you also enjoy his work.

Some of the films include “Bull Durham” (in which Bob also acted), “Seven Samuri,” “The Man with Two Brains,” and “The Caine Mutiny.” Something for every taste, but I encourage you to watch them all. And then let Bob know what you think. He’s very open to feedback and happy to respond to questions, too.

Because each video is less than five minutes long, they’re ideal for the beginning of a staff or team meeting. I’ve shared several with my own coaching clients as a way of entering a potentially difficult conversation. I expect you’ll find a number of ways to make use of Bob’s skills as a story teller.