Virtual Conversations

Posted on Thursday, May 14th, 2020

There is a lot of virtual training/coaching/learning being offered these days, on LinkedIn and elsewhere. I’m in one or more virtual conversations every day, including as a host at A Human Workplace. I’ve resisted trying to adapt what I love to do to the virtual environment because I think I rely on the interaction with whole humans. Like listening to the buzz in the room as small groups engage around a powerful question, or a sudden intake of breath when someone shares an insight.

That said, it appears that it’s going to be awhile before I’m back in an in-person workshop setting. And, I haven’t come up with the consulting version of “curb-side pick-up”…

So, I’ve decided to put a few modest virtual offerings out into the world to see whether there’s interest. It’s not necessary that I make any money doing this. I only want to help teams or groups work together better.

Like this, only on Zoom!
Like this, only on Zoom!

Here’s what I want to offer

I’m willing to host teams or other small groups, or individuals, in 60 – 90 minute virtual interactive conversations about:

  1. Showing up as a Learner v. showing up as a Knower. How do you show up in challenging conversations? Defensive and protective, or curious and open?
  2. What is the Mutual Learning Model, and how would it help my team be more effective, improve working relationships, and increase individual well being?
  3. What is systems thinking, and why is it important now (and always, actually) to have a systemic perspective?
  4. How can I engage with conflict in a way that improves relationships and accountability?
  5. As a leader, how might I engage more authentically with peers and staff in these uncertain times?

What should you do?

If you feel resonance with any of these (or all of them), get in touch with me. I can describe each of these conversations further. We can figure out together what would help. 360.259-0340