My Work in the World


People whose work and presence influence me and my work:

W. Edwards Deming – The System of Profound Knowledge

Bill Bellows – Enterprise Thinking

Peter Senge – Organizational learning & “We’ve never been here before”

Fred Kofman – “Response-ability”

Margaret Wheatley – “Turning to one another”

Juanita Brown – The World Café & conversations that matter

Peter Block – Powerful questions

Linda Booth Sweeney – Teaching about systems through stories

The Waters Foundation – The Habits of a Systems Thinker (cards & book)

Peter Scholtes – The “47 habits of pretty good leaders”

Garr Reynolds – Creating beautiful & effective presentations

Russell Ackoff – Idealized design & systems thinking

Jon Kabat-Zinn – “Wherever you go, there you are.”

Eduardo Galeano and Howard Zinn – The world from a perspective not my own

Arundhati Roy – A different view of democracy

Chris Argyris – The mutual learning model

Sharon Parks – Adaptive leadership

Don Swartz – “It’s mostly about how you show up”

Hugh O’Doherty – Adaptive leadership & conflict resolution

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