Foundations of Authentic Leadership

Posted on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Foundations of Authentic Leadership Workshop | Seattle | November 3-4

Greetings friends!

As I complete the harvest of my bountiful garden (raspberries and grapes still coming, potatoes dug last weekend), and watch the jays ramp up their harvest of sunflower seeds from spent flowers throughout the garden, I’m also thinking of other harvests in my life.

In particular, I and others in the last few years have expended considerable effort to cultivating programs and community associated with the practice of Authentic Leadership, in collaboration with colleagues at the Authentic Leadership Center at Naropa University.  We now have a vibrant Community of Practice in the Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia region and in Europe. We periodically convene a world wide video conference call with the greater Authentic Leadership community. We offered a powerful Summer Leadership Intensive this June in Tacoma.

How can we respond with authenticity, courage, and skill to the leadership challenges we face in the world today? Coming up in November is a two-day workshop on the Foundations of Authentic Leadership in Seattle. If you live in the region, I encourage you to consider joining us for this workshop. The Early Bird price of $400 is available through October 1. Our capacity is about 35 people, so this will be a relatively intimate and highly interactive experience.

We will work on the three essential capacities that every leader needs: Presence, Engagement, & Wise Action. Drawing on practices from ancient contemplative traditions as well as contemporary approaches to leadership, this experiential workshop provides practical methods for fostering self-awareness, inspiring and engaging others, and taking wise action with confidence and compassion.

Please feel free to call or write me if you’d like to hear more about why I value the practice of Authentic Leadership. I’d love to hear from you.Ceremony