A Human Workplace

Posted on Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

I am now part of a team of hosts convening virtual conversations about what it means to work alone together in our current situation. A Human Workplace virtual gatherings are the current manifestation of previously in-person A Human Workplace conversations in Olympia and elsewhere. I participated in these gatherings regularly for more than a year. Now the focus is on the impact of the pandemic on the way we work.

Working Alone Together
A Human Workplace: What patterns are you experiencing?

“We are working in a time of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, with many facing loneliness, stress, overwhelm but also strangely hope. We may be struggling to work with kids at home or with the isolation of working and living alone. We may be questioning our value and purpose. We worry about the safety of vulnerable family and friends and our economic security.”

I invite you to join A Human Workplace Virtual Gathering to…

  • Connect with others who are in the midst of similar experiences.
  • Discuss practical tactics for building human connection while isolated.
  • Discover hope for a cultural shift based on love, community and human-kindness.

Join us for a personal, honest conversation about “working or leading alone together” in the age of COVID-19. You can view upcoming conversations and sign up here. There’s no cost. I’d love to see you in one of the conversations I host, but please select a day and time that works well for you. The overall structure of these gatherings is consistent, and each host team brings their perspective and creativity to their session. Check back weekly, as these conversations will be ongoing and evolving for the next few months.

I can also host and customize these conversations for a particular organization or community group. Call me and we can discuss approach, content, and cost.

Finally, the May First Wednesday Conversation will also be a virtual gathering. Let me know if you’d like to receive the monthly invitation/reminder, which will provide the Zoom link!